Corinne Manches was born in London. Her foundation year at Byam Shaw was followed by Art and Design at Goldsmiths College, and later Graphic Design BA at the Surrey Institute and a PGCE in 2002.

Her career in the creative arts has been multi-disciplined. As a painter, graphic designer, sculptor, photographer, and teacher, she has gained exposure through a variety of artistic outlets. She has showcased at the Richard Young Gallery, Kensington, The Robert Phillips Gallery at the Riverhouse Barn  Arts Centre Walton on Thames, and Wimbledon Art Studios. Her paintings and commissions have reached as far as Canada and the USA.

Sculpture Drawing Photography Mixed Media
Her interest in two and three dimensional work developed through childhood with her artist mother. Corinne sees the world through space, shape and form and can respond to this through the different mediums and more recently collage. She likes to draw in charcoal, pastels and pen and ink, and paint in oils and acrylic. Her focus is to capture the essence of the the subject through technique, composition, proportion, colour, and texture. Corinne admires the works of Auguste Rodin, Joseph Cornell, Louise Nevelson, Ansel Adams, and Henrie Matisse to name but a few.

She has a passion for pastel and painting work en plein air including landscapes. Summertime gives the opportunity to work outside on compositions. These include Large planted Urn (pastel) Studio corner (oil) and the Terracotta Warrior (acrylic).

Past & Present
Her photography work presents the beauty of the female form through the striking contrast between shadow and light. The exhibition at The Richard Young Gallery in Kensington was received with great enthusiasm and with many sales. More recently her drawing and painting interest have been figurative with life drawing continuing to support the works. Portraiture has developed alongside this. Unique mixed media pieces are now in the making.

Corinne has been written up as 'having an enthusiasm and passion for art that is infectious' with her sculptural pieces described as 'tactile and sensuous' curtisward.

'The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place, from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spiders web' - Pablo Picasso